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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Top 5 Reasons 

Are you considering hiring an outside digital marketing agency or consigning someone for a specialized advertising task? There are many CMO’s and business owners that are turning to experienced marketers/marketing agencies to assist in branding, advertising, & lead generation programs. It might not be a black or white decision at this time for your organization but it is definitely something to consider transitioning into 2018.

1) You are guaranteed a return on investment.

Sure this might not be apparent when you are in housing all your marketing efforts but with a digital marketing agency, your ROI is the priority.  Your business wins on the backend as well when you entrust in a digital marketing agency that specializes in delivering results. This eliminates the time and resources needed to allocate an internal candidate to fill the marketing role.

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The average cost of having an in-house marketing team, which includes a CMO, VP of Marketing, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Web Designer, Communications Manager, & a Communications Specialist. for a medium-sized business is $337,053 a year on a low end and on around $946,956 on the high end. Whereas industry averages for hiring an agency is around $2,500 to $25,000 a month[1]. This amounts to a substantially lower yearly total of $30,000 to $300,000. Not considering the fact that your business would save on the yearly costs of tools for managing campaigns, crawling websites, and/or creating reports. You would save by avoiding bad hires as well, which on average costs about $25,000. The backend money saved can now be invested in a digital marketing plan.

2) You get to focus on what matters to you.

Businesses are ever expanding machines that were founded on one core belief. That belief is rooted in a product or a service that the business owner cherishes. The passion that an owner has for his company is why he or she comes into to work first and leaves last. An owner of a company has a vision of how they want to reach as many clients as they can in their lifetime. In order to do this effectively, the owner should ideally focus on his/her own craft whether it’s inventing the next product or solving the next servicing issue. If you’re an owner you don’t want to worry about what campaign made the best impression on a new target market. By outsourcing your digital marketing, you can rest assured that your message will be delivered to the right people, at the right place & and the right time.

3) You are up to date on the latest marketing trends.

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You don’t have to worry about the newest social media app that might be the next Facebook (Vero). A well-equipped marketing agency is very receptive to new trends that are shaping the internet. Marketers are trained to track people and where their attention is at. Currently, trends are favoring mobile apps like Instagram. The 2018 Instagram ad revenue forecast looks like it will be reaching $6.84 billion[2]. This means a growing number of trends and marketing tactics that are unfolding within the mobile app. Consider the fact when Search Engine Optimization first came out it 20 years ago it was the early adopters like Amazon that built their foundation when no one else was looking.

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4) Creativity

Creativity is finite and digital marketing agencies understand this. The average employee does not go to work to manifest a groundbreaking campaign. A creative plan of action draws in crowds. A marketing agency can be the creative plan your product or service needs to stand out in the marketplace. Your product can be a win with new customers that come in contact with it but will you find the creative know-how to their attention? When running an advertisement your concern shifts from your product or service to finding out which color scheme, photo, or video would work best on a Facebook ad.

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What a creative can bring out is an original idea for an ad. Creatives require a certain atmosphere to blossom with their ideas. Most creatives thrive off of autonomy, not corporate 9-5 structures. Creatives are artists that wouldn’t mind making less to produce their best work. These creatives find sanctuary in working for large agencies and innovative tech companies of tomorrow. If you don’t fall in that spectrum your chances of finding a true creative default to the runner-ups who didn’t make it there.  Making a digital marketing agency the source of your creativity increases the long-term image of your business.

5) Experience

Experience can arguably be the main determining factor in a hiring process. With experience comes wisdom of what works and what doesn’t work. When you’re working with an experienced agency the proof is in their successful campaigns. A marketing agency would not be in business if it could not deliver these results. Constantly split testing will deliver accurate results. In marketing, you have to split test your way to results. Split testing is the foundation of detecting if a campaign is delivering results or not. Experience is to results as a marketing agency is to winning campaigns.

To finish, marketing is an ever-changing cycle of following attention with proven approaches of delivering results. A true agency understands this and embraces the journey of constant change. Consider these aspects for your organization in choosing a digital marketing agency.

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