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Social Media Marketing Sacramento

Social media marketing, commonly known as SMM, basically refers to a type of internet marketing which entails creating and sharing contents on the social media networks so as to achieve your branding and marketing goals. This type of marketing includes activities such as posting image and text updates, videos, along with other content which drives audience engagement. With more than 70% of Americans using different social media sites, this marketing campaign has the potential of reaching out to a lot of people.

Did you know that social media marketing strategies have a 100-percent higher leads-to-close rate as compared to outbound marketing plans? Or the fact that 84-percent of B2B marketers usually use social media in one way or another? Regardless of what you’re selling and whom you’re selling it to, the use of social media as one of the marketing tools can certainly help your brand to grow. Nowadays, having an active presence on social media is a must in case you want to market your business.

Social Media Marketing Sacramento

The benefits of social media services for business are quite evident. As such, there’s no reason why a business based in Sacramento shouldn’t have social media marketing incorporated into their marketing campaigns. Just think of any industry today and you’ll realize that they all need an online presence. Whether they are doing B2B or even B2C, there’s no doubt that people will be looking for your services. The fact that the internet can be used to find businesses clearly shows that these businesses have an online presence. Since social media is also part of the internet, then you can have a presence online through social media. New businesses that want to be found should consider making use of the internet because that’s the exact place where potential clients go to search for businesses. As such, it makes a lot of sense the chances of being found increases when you have social media profiles.

The statistics also back this fact. According to a study done by comScore, one out of every five minutes spent on the internet is spent on social networking. Therefore, whenever it comes to the social media, it’s not about whether we are using it or not but it is a matter of how we use it.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Just like it was when the internet came out, it used to be a technology which connected a lot of people from a wide range of spectrums. The use of social media isn’t any different. As a matter of fact, social media connects people on a more personal level as compared to what the internet could’ve done alone. Thanks to social media, the possibilities of getting genuine connections with your clients have increased greatly. In the same way that you’re always familiar with family’s updates on Facebook, the business can also bridge the connectivity gap thus bringing in range of new clients. However, to achieve this, the business should be well-positioned so as to receive the social media benefits. Similarly, more than 2 decades ago when being found on the first page of Google, commonly referred to as SEO became available for the first time, it was the early adopters such as Amazon who managed to position themselves so as to enjoy the early benefits of keyword rankings on the internet.

Our current society is consuming content on the social media sites at a very high rate. This effect of social media in our daily lives has made it even difficult for college curriculums to teach how it’s affecting the current market trends.

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For you to understand better how businesses can benefit from social media, you must understand the Sacramento’s landscape as well as the end consumers. The idea behind social media marketing is getting to know how you can navigate the set channels (YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat) so as to produce the desired results. Each of these channels requires a certain level of individualized attention. In addition, they shall offer you with varying results and metrics to use. Just like other marketing tools, the most important thing here is knowing how you can leverage them.

Before you decide to dive into the social media strategies, there are a few important indicators of today’s businesses in California that must be well-elaborated. As of today, the smaller businesses based in California have the highest rate of failure in the whole country. According to a research done by Dun and Bradstreet, 3 out of 4 small businesses in California are deemed to fail in less than 2 years after being established. This has put Sacramento in a very difficult position.

Over the past few years, The Thumbtacks Yearly Small Businesses’ Friendliness Report hasn’t favored Sacramento at all. Simply put, Sacramento has failed in most of its metrics which include regulations, ease of hiring as well as employment. However, the good news is that Sacramento has seen some overall improvements over the past year which included getting an overall Grade C. If the trend continues for Farm-to-Fork Capital’ this year will most likely continue bringing in more businesses.

Sacramento Business Report

Sacramento Market

Any Sacramento business that wants to stand out in 2018 and capitalize on the marketing trends, then social media ought to be at the forefront of all marketing plans. Nowadays, word-of-mouth is the main referral source for small businesses. However, with social media, word-of-mouth recommendations through posts or share has the ability to go viral within and even far beyond the confinement of the referrer’s list of friends.

A good example is when you own a restaurant that has opened recently and you look forward to bring in a crowd on an opening day with a special coupon offer for lunch. Rather than giving a freebie to unloyal patrons, you can try to go on Instagram and look out for the local influencers with more than 10,000 followers then send them a message. By influencers, I mean someone with a larger fan base/following on social media sites. You’ll then offer free dinner for the influencer and their friends. Even though the food might be expensive, the hidden fact that you won’t see is the free exposure that the influencers will give to the new restaurant once they post on their Instagram or Snapchat pages about your business. By doing that, you’ll have 10,000+ people looking at your restaurant and the food that you’re offering. New businesses can, therefore, leverage marketing via social media using this strategy in a creative and tactful way so as to drive the business to greater heights.

Social Media Consultant Sacramento

Are you still not sure about trying and finding your way into social media atmosphere? If yes, then consider this simple fact. The local influencer in Sacramento (@ThePeopleOfSacramento), who’s widely known for the high Sacramentan fan-base, has 71 000+ followers on Instagram alone. The influencer usually leverages his Instagram followers to highlight businesses, artists as well as events in Sacramento. When these accounts are mentioned in TPOS’s posts on Instagram or newsfeed, it will be available to their 71,000+ followers to view as they scroll their feeds. For example, a post about Tinsel and Oak, an up-and-coming hand-made designer’s boutique, recently received a shoutout from TPOS’s. TPOS’s refers to a Sacramentan account that highlights everything in Sacramento. As such, it’s meant for Sacramentans. When applied to local dancers, athletes, or anyone with a larger following, the strategy will reap high impressions with low costs. This is just one of the tactics that business owners can use in bringing awareness to their new brand.

Influencer Marketing Sacramento

Social Media Sacramento

The two examples above on Influencer Marketing are nuances in the social marketing realms. However, they have not made much headlines when compared to trackable data below. In total, the spend on social media ads is expected to go beyond 15 billion in 2018. The upward trend of social media ad spend has outpaced all the other digital marketing forms. Below is a breakdown of Social Networks Ad Spending When Viewed As A Percentage Of The Digital Ad Spending.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Sacramento Social Media Services

Understanding Sacramento’s landscape along with the upward trends which favor social media marketing clearly shows the importance of creating an online presence for any new/existing business. When all these factors are put into consideration, together with the current generation that’s spending a lot of time on social media, it, therefore, makes a lot of sense for you to consider building a social media strategy for your own business.

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