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More and more businesses like yours are understanding that in order to truly stand out in the market, they need to use search engine marketing. Anything that is not engaging is now considered outdated in terms of internet marketing. Businesses need to provide an impressionable way to reach consumers at the exact moment when they are searching for information on their product or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to accomplish this task.

The companies with the top SEO in Sacramento are able to get to the first page of Google, which leads to many customers finding and buying products on their sites. The great thing is that once a business is ranked on the first page for certain keywords, they acquire an enormous amount of free clicks and web traffic. Best of all, an expert SEO consultant in Sacramento knows the digital landscape of the city. They know which companies have been around since the Arco Arena days. Knowing this beforehand can help save you time in trying to rank for keywords that are too saturated.

What Are The SEO Strategies That Business Owners Need To Know About? 

There are several key factors to improving your search engine optimization in the Sacramento market. First and foremost, your company must have valuable content, products, and services that others would share on the internet.

Selecting proper keywords can include all the neighborhoods you serve, with the kinds of features you help customers secure, with testimonials from former clients. Google’s crawlers pick up on these keywords and automatically rank these pages higher. Your company needs to keep their content relevant to the keywords chosen.

Flooding a blog post with keywords won’t do; make sure that these keywords are written into your web pages authentically. Otherwise, search engines will figure out that you aren’t taking the time to build an authentic website.

Secondly, once consumers hit the page, they must be engaged. They ideally should remain on the page and spend a significant time there. Sites with a high rate of “bouncing” where consumers immediately click off the page, receive lower rankings.

This can also include websites that are not mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t navigable through a cell phone, there’s no way that mobile users will spend their time on it.

Finally, your company must optimize the wording within your web pages. Headings, sub-headings, product listings, images, & videos all play a critical role in optimization. Your content should also match the desired search terms. SEO consultants in Sacramento have a better understanding of the terms and strategies needed to get local consumers interested.

These strategies rely on Google’s algorithm to target audiences with the hope that the information will attract, convert, and close new customers. With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and internet usage, people are seeking information everywhere they go. Digital marketing follows potential clients around the world, and with the right online tools, these online visitors can be tracked.

Google’s algorithm will reward pages that are well optimized. Your target audience will be attracted, converted, & closed to new clients if done correctly.

SEO Is Part Of  Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The key to SEO marketing is to offer valuable, concise content to your potential clients, while also providing contact information, calls to action, and landing pages to effectively bring in those who most likely need a product or service.

In short, SEO marketing allows you to focus in on actual prospects, follow them through the buyer’s process, and directly measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaign rather than cast the wide net approach used with traditional marketing.

SEO has historically been a valuable piece of digital marketing and the success rate of SEO continues to be on the rise. The more personalized your content is to your audience the greater conversion is.

SEO Does Not Work If Your Website Is Not Ready

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a scaled business, chances are you already know you need to have a website. And that website needs to do more than just exist. It needs to be optimized for searches so people who are searching for companies like yours will see your business at the top of the search results page. It also needs to be more than just links and filler content which Google doesn’t like.

But a lot of small businesses simply don’t have the time to devote to their website when they’re busy doing everything else to keep their business going. That’s where hiring a professional web designer in Sacramento comes in. Here are a few of the ways a web developer in Sacramento can help your business:

Get more leads: Organic traffic comes from SEO but they turn into well-qualified leads with a website design that engages the visitors and encourages them to click on your call to action.

Make your site look good: A web developer can also customize your website’s design for you, so site visitors can get to know your brand based on how your website looks.

Decide if you need to pay for traffic: Your business may or may not benefit from a paid traffic campaign. Depending on much authority your brand has in the marketplace will determine if you should pay for traffic initially.

Are you ready to get more traffic with a fully optimized website? Contact us today to see how our web designers in Sacramento can benefit your business.

Web Designers & SEO Consultants Go Hand In Hand

In order for brands to be successful in this competitive digital marketplace, having an SEO ready website is an absolute must. All web designers understand that the next step after creating a beautiful website is to start directing traffic towards it. An SEO ready website should be ready to take on SEO content without further modification, so it is essential to work with professionals who understand both SEO & web design. Here are just a few reasons why you should work with professional web designers in Sacramento:

1) The first and foremost reason to work with a professional web designer rather than go for a DIY solution is that web designers understand that a website is just the beginning of a customer journey in a digital marketing strategy.

2) Sacramento web designers know and understand the local market across different sectors so they can provide a wealth of information about what the best practices are, as well as insight on how to stand out from the rest of the pack.

3) Professional web designers have access to a vast number of resources that can really help take websites to the next level. They can work with you to create websites that are tailor-made to your brand.

At the end of the day, working with a professional web designer with SEO experience will ensure that your page is optimized to receive SEO benefits even if you decide to pursue SEO for your website a year after creating it.

How To Get The Most from Your SEO Strategy in 2018

You need to have a strategy that addresses the key concerns of the 2018 online marketplace. There’s a lot of outdated advice floating around on the web and you should create your SEO strategy to work for this year and the next one, not build it around ideas that were important two years ago. Here are some strategies that will help you do that.

Focus On Link Building

There are always new strategies that pop up, but one proven time and time again is link building. Links are still one of the top indicators to Google that a piece of content is of high quality, according to Backlinko. Any SEO strategy that doesn’t spend a significant amount of time on building high-quality links pointing back to your website is probably not going to be very effective. You should be creating content that inspires others to link back to you. You also need to actively pursue links by guest posting and performing manual outreach to others in your industry.

Go All In For Video

Video marketing is huge right now. YouTube is a juggernaut that you can’t ignore and video is becoming increasingly important on social media, but it doesn’t end there. Good video content should become a part of your overall strategy for SEO, too. Search engines want to see video content on your website. Kissmetrics has a video SEO guide that says video can be a great way to gain backlinks.

Create Comprehensive Content

In addition to video content, you should build long form, comprehensive pieces of content into your strategy. Use keywords, come at the topic with an interesting viewpoint and cover all the angles. You want to try to provide the absolute most informative piece of content around. If you can do that, you should see positive results.

With all this in mind, it’s important to note that not all of your content has to fit in either of these categories. You can still do shorter pieces, but you need to have plenty of video and long-form topics in your overall strategy.


Developing an SEO strategy for your business should not come at the mercy of your website. First, design an SEO ready website followed by choosing relevant keywords for your business and creating unique content around it. Choosing an experienced digital marketing agency can walk you through the process of building out a successful SEO strategy.

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