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Confused about SEO

The internet is awesome for business there’s no question about it.  Among the many new ways to market online, SEO has its fair share of attention. It’s fair because you’ve given your permission to be marketed to.

Whereas with other forms of marketing you’re not really given an option to have an ad shown, you’re just shown it regardless if you gave permission.

So why do you want you permission marketing? Because people who search on Google usually aren’t tire-kickers. They know what they want!

So it makes sense to use an SEO company to rank your website whenever a potential client is searching for something that you have the solution for.

It’s not enough anymore to just be found geographically its imperative to be found virtually as well.

There are plenty of marketers out there that claim to offer SEO services on the web. Just google it and you’ll find them in residential areas, downtown areas, & even in the outskirts of city limits.

So how do you filter out the riff-raff?

With some simple questions, you’ll be able to make a sound decision on how to spend your marketing dollars.

Here is what you should ask yourself before choosing an SEO company or an SEO consultant.


Why Would You Need An SEO Service In The First Place?

The obvious should be first. The most common reason for seeking an SEO service is to boost your website or webpage rankings on search engines as part of your marketing strategy for your business. Meaning you should have other effective means of marketing as well. Driving people to your website is not enough. There should be lead capture forms on your site as well as email autoresponders among other strategies to convert traffic into paying customers.

Are people searching for my product or service?

A product or service with a steady flow of monthly search traffic can yield great results rather than a seasonal one. If your extremely new to the industry maybe paid advertising will bring greater returns.

Are you profitable enough to wait for results?

SEO is a longterm game if you don’t have the patience to see it build up then maybe immediate paid advertising would be best at first.


Where Is The Best Place To Find An SEO Consultant Or Company?

The internet is usually the first place most people would go to but prior to searching, you should ask your immediate referral network of colleagues and business owners. Reputation goes a long way in this industry so you might already have an indirect SEO expert waiting for your call.

Outsource Or Hire?

In outsourcing, you will seek the services from an SEO company that will work towards a mutual goal. Results are usually sufficient and punctual. Benefits are that you get to focus on our your business and internal growth.

If you feel you have the SEO formula down then maybe hiring an internal marketing team might be best. On hiring, you will hire employees who are versed in technology information as well as content creation. Hiring internally is usually resource intensive but you’ll win on flexible outcomes.

How Much Should You Pay For SEO Services?

If you’re outsourcing your work you can expect to be charged $600 to $1200 per month for small businesses. Large-scale and established businesses will be charged from $1500 to $2500 per month for the service exclusive of a monthly retainer fee.

Difference between Obtaining SEO Services from a Company and a Consultant?

Would you prefer to have a New York style hot dog with house sauerkraut made right to order from Frank’s NY Style Hot Dog Stand who buys only organic ingredients and makes his own tomato paste from scratch every morning or would you want a factory line pre-determined option from Weinerzitchel?

Some people prefer customization and personal touch others just want the job done. When it comes to SEO you’ll get quality work from either or this is just a personal preference.

Can You Trust Someone From Overseas To Do The Work At A Lower Cost?

Trusting someone to do remote work without any identification other than an online profile may not come off as appealing. However, most offer cheaper rates for the services and can build up credibility through small projects. Precaution should always be exercised and small projects are recommended as opposed to longterm ones.


What type of content will be produced on a monthly basis?

Backlinks, articles, blogs, infographics, photos, videos, citations, etc. You should ask for an itemized breakdown of what will be produced. Again if the majority of these items you feel you can produce in-house then it might be more beneficial to consult with an SEO specialist to better make use of your team.

How long have you been offering this service?

In respects to other SEO consultants out there it does not matter how long you have been doing SEO for. The truth is that Google rewards quality content above riff-raff. To produce quality content one requires a focused amount of creativity, research, & dedication.

What will you change from my existing website?

Knowing what will be changed and how it will it will affect your website will give you a better appreciation for the services being performed. It’s a lot of desk time for sure.

What kind of results can we expect to see in the given time period?

Having clearcut expectations will lead to a better SEO experience for all parties involved.

Other questions you should ask but not limited to:

-What is your average rate of client satisfaction?

-Do you offer refunds?

-What are the terms for payment for this service?

-How long is the work supposed to take?

These questions will help you get right to the point and know what to expect from your business investment.


Obtaining SEO services is a major way to generate traffic which translates to new leads for your business. Getting a reputable SEO consultant is not a hard task provided you follow keenly the outlined protocol while choosing.

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