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What should you look for when picking a web

Web design in Sacramento and across the online community has become a lot more sophisticated in the past few years.

Looking back at early websites can often feel a lot more like traveling back to the 90’s. Picking a web designer is always an important decision for your business and you should try to make a careful decision before committing financially to any collaborations.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for Sacramento based web development, what are the key things you should consider before spending your hard earned money?

Reviews and word of mouth

The first consideration should always be website design contacts in your immediate network of friends and colleagues. If you know any business partners or entrepreneurs who have set up websites in the recent past it’s worth asking them if they have any contacts you can borrow.

If they pass on the info for a Sacramento web development company, then you have most of your work cut out. They have done a test run on the company and could vouch for their work.

The other obvious place to look for a Sacramento web design firm is local listings and review sites. You’ll be able to look through sites such as Thumbtack, which list designers in the local area and also give you the chance to sort your search by review score and whether or not a company is certified.

Using tools such as these you can quickly narrow down your search and move
closer to finding your perfect Sacramento website design company.

Examples of previous work

What if you find a company that looks like they can get the job done but you’re not completely sold? The answer is to look for examples of previous work. You’ll find out for a fact if they have the experience and quality needed to build out your website.

Ask if they have worked on any Sacramento marketing campaigns that required a freshly designed website. If they can’t produce a portfolio of work that suits your needs it might be time to start looking for alternatives.

On the other hand, you can always bargain with web designer if they don’t have the experience which will help both of you out. You’ll get work at a fraction of the price and they’ll be able to build up their portfolio.

Why is a quality website important to businesses?

We’ve all been there- you’re in the process of setting up a business and you’re still finding your feet. But somehow you’re really struggling to find the time to set up a quality website.

Sacramento web development companies keep getting in touch with you to ask if you’d like a quote for web design.

But you’re too busy to sit down and methodically think about the aesthetics of a new website, and you tell yourself you’ll get around to it later in the year. No big deal, right? You’ve still got a loyal client base so your site a visual accessory


A website is more than just a business card. Back in the early days of web design, you could get away with having a ragged site. Those days are over, and in many ways, it’s hard to believe that they lasted so long.

Nowadays a wet website is the bare minimum in terms of business presentation. If you’re a new business and you’re expecting new customers to trust you and believe that you’re a legit organization, you’re dazed if you think they’ll look beyond a clunky, ugly website.

What’s the worst case scenario?

Even worse is if you contact a potential client and you have to explain that, embarrassingly, you don’t actually have a website. It seems amateurish and creates the impression that you aren’t in any way a serious operation.

Find a Sacramento web design firm that suits your needs and gets your marketing up to speed. Having an unprofessional site is the equivalent of turning up to a multimillion-dollar business meeting in board shorts and battered converse sneakers.

It projects a particular message. It suggests that you don’t care about your website, your brand image and that, even worse, you’re the kind of organization that doesn’t care about their attention to detail.

After all, if a Sacramento based company can’t be bothered to find a Sacramento
web development firm to improve their online presence, why should anyone assume
they’d be competent in any other area of business?

In the future the only people who will need marketing experts are losers

It’s a cruel marketing saying but a website is a reflection of your company as a whole. You don’t need a marketing expert to elaborate on why. Think about famous websites and how their web design reflects the personality of the company.

Apple is a company that prides itself on clean design and slick, stylish products.

Their site has the same cool, stylish aesthetic, complete with wide shots of products, clean text and a user-friendly, intuitive site that is easy to navigate.

When people visit their site they quickly get a sense that the user experience reflects the experience of using one of their products.

Similarly, if you are a Sacramento marketing executive and you visit a website for a local company that can’t be bothered to have basic SEO or website design, do you really want to go into business with them?

Probably not, and for good reason. Good web design isn’t an extra feature. It’s at the core of what good businesses do these days: communicate effectively and clearly with their existing and future customers.

Does it matter if my site is mobile friendly?

Of course, it matters if your site is mobile friendly. What you need to remember is that for most internet users these days, the desktop is a second choice. Tablet may even be more common for browser users than desktop.

Most of us are reading our phones on the way to work, during our commutes, as we relax on the sofa at the end of the day.

Sitting scrolling through a website isn’t actually something that many people are likely to do away from the office. So if you’re the kind of business that offers a service that caters to families and people away from the office, mobile friendliness is of paramount importance.

If someone gets emailed a link to your site at work and they want to open it on their way home, there’s nothing more off-putting and frustrating then encountering a poorly designed site isn’t mobile compatible.

Remember that if you’re contacting a Sacramento web design company, you should make a point of discussing their mobile-friendly design and marketing options. Companies that fail to anticipate this aspect of a web design project can also sometimes end up running into budget problems. Budget for mobile and avoid future problems.

Don’t be afraid to ask basic questions

Ask your web designer if they could minimize the tech slang when talking to you about your site. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You’re hiring them because they’re the experts – the least they can do is use language that is easily comprehensible to everyone across your organization.

The tech world can sometimes come off as a network of nerds that code in front of a computer all day and speak in ‘<>-/\_’.

So, instead ask for clear communication, and don’t be afraid to ask the silly questions. Remember: you’re the paying customer and you have every right to know what your money is buying.

Found your Web Designer?

Check out our advanced considerations and thoughts below.

How blogging and changes to Google search algorithms have changed websites  

Back in the early days of the internet blogging was a big deal. And then it went dormant for a while. Now It’s come back in style thanks to changes to Google’s algorithms and an increasing focus on the need for quality content.

If you’re a business looking to boost your SEO rankings, there’s more incentive than ever to ensure that you’ve got a regularly updating site with fresh blogging content that allows people to find you from search engines.

It’ll give you better Google juice and you’ll find that people find you through searches relating to your content.

Blogging also has an interesting and curious quality – if a person writes about a subject regularly from a position of authority, it makes them appear like an industry expert and fosters a strong sense of credibility in prospective clients.

If your business blogs regularly you can also find creative ways of reusing the same content to draw more traffic to your site.

For example, a blog post about Sacramento marketing can be re-posted and used later in the week as an email of “best Sacramento marketing and web design tips”, and also promoted via LinkedIn under a different headline.

How did the widespread use of CSS change web design?

Before CSS, web design was an ugly scene that often lacked any sense of style or visual aesthetic. CSS is now one of the most common methods of page design and the internet is, frankly, a better-looking place because of it. CSS made the internet a less boxy place.

Why good web designers moved away from Flash, and why that’s a good thing

There was a phase in the early days of web design when Flash animations were everywhere. It was almost impossible to find a site that didn’t have an off graphic that did something, well, flashy.

It was an era of web design that served its purpose but has now, thankfully, faded into recent memory. If you’re looking for a web designer in Sacramento to help you with web development, it’s worth emphasizing that you want something that isn’t too complicated.

Why is simple web design better than fancy layouts?

Although it’s somewhat disputed in the field, there is research suggesting that when a person looks at a screen full of text, their eyes travel in an F shape.

This allows them to quickly absorb any text and visual information at speed in a way that is efficient and filters out what the brain perceives as irrelevant detail. Unfortunately, if you’re one of the people who pushed for a visually exciting company website, then you may have been wasting your money.

It’s often the case that simple information and uncomplicated website copy is the easiest to take in.

Throwing a load of irrelevant detail at a prospective customer such as the year you were founded, your CEO’s dog’s middle name, and the weather in Southern Alaska is simply going to bore and confuse your reader.

Instead what you need is clear, crisp, clean web design. Focus on condensing your site so that you have the basics – what you do, where you’re based, contact details, and why you’re the best- and then get to the point.

Yes, your website is a business card. But it’s also an opportunity to not annoy your customer. Having a heavy page that includes a sluggish video backdrop that eats up data and takes ten minutes to load is simply going to irritate your customer.

They won’t remember you as the Sacramento business with the fresh innovative site.

They’ll just remember that their phone nearly froze trying to load your site and that they gave up before they could be bothered to find your contact details, buried awkwardly in a drop-down menu somewhere on your site.

Is it worth seeing the site halfway through development or a beta version?

Asking to look at the site partway through development can be a lifesaver. It could be a perfect opportunity to talk to your Sacramento web development company about the direction of the project and whether there are areas that you feel could be changed.

If a designer hasn’t finished the site it could actually save them a whole load of hassle and irritation if you catch the problems early on.

However, if you wait until the site is ready for launch, it’s awkward to turn around and ask a web developer to backtrack or, in a worst-case scenario, start from scratch.

Final Thoughts

There is no good or bad web designer out there simply a matter of finding one that you’re comfortable communicating with. All web designers can appreciate art & creativity, building out your future website only adds to their expression. Find a web designer with a passion for expression and high work ethic. You can’t go wrong with a native Sacramento web designer.

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