Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Cell Phone Repair Stores 1 year ago

Marketing For The Cell Phone Repair Industry: 

The cell phone repair industry is swinging hard and it would be in your best interest to follow the footsteps of the ones killing it right now.

Ubreakifix has been one of the most impressive brands that I researched.

As they say success leaves clues!

Take a look at one their first websites made back in 2009. You can clearly see how easy they made it for their customers to get their phone serviced.

When you look at their website, their brand, and other marketing tools it’s obvious that there was a massive foundational work that got this brand off the ground back in 2009.

Take a look at how Ubeakifix dusted the rest of the competitors.

It’s one thing to be found locally it’s another thing to be found on top of google search results above others


SEO Keywords Cell Phone Repair

Number of SEO Keywords Websites Ranking For


But what if you’re not a heavy hitter yet and you’re looking to gather as many fresh leads as possible?

Then look no further this is our immediate results strategy for newest shops out there.

Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Cell Phone Repair Stores

1) Build up local awareness by getting reviews

Believe it or not reviews is one of the best determining factors if your website will rank high. So make sure to ask all your clients for their thoughts right before they leave. 

2) Facebook Marketplace

You can hustle your way to the top by constantly posting in the marketing place. Remember that post with the quickest response times and most comments always get pushed to the top. I recommend posting 3 times a day in private buy sell groups

3) Thumbtack

Got the best price in town? Put your service where your mouth it on thus great contractor finder app. Respond immediately to get better preferences. But don’t forget that you gotta pay for these leads so the first message will make it break it for you

4) SEO

A website is good but an SEO optimized website is even better because people will be able find you based off of search terms not just because your brand name


5) Drive to you service

People are busy and it helps to meet them where they prefer especially if they’re willing to pay a drive fee! 

If you are a cell phone repair store take these tips and execute on them as we have.

Let us know in the comments section what worked for you?

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